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Our Innovative Medical Solutions

Listed below are the list of products we offer for the advancement of safe, affordable and innovative healthcare for USA, Africa and Middle East Countries. To check the product specification, download the PDF brochure by clicking the product brochure button.

Don’t Bite Me Patch

The next innovation in dealing with Malaria.

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StopsBleeding™ revolutionizes First Aid for bleeding injuries, there has never been anything like it before.

Emerging Medical Solutions is a sole distributor of product in Africa. Made in the USA.

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Innovatice Vaginal Speculum is a disposable speculum built in single use LED light source.

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Lighted Disposable Proctoscope is a fully disposable device with inbuilt lightsource for rectal examination.

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Toto-Lite is a Disposable Speculum Built In Single Use LED Light Source.

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